Sunday, June 14, 2015

Golden Gran Fondo (GGF) Week 7

Eased right off this week. A bit on the trainer at the start and a bit of climbing on Sunday, all the days in between I was foam rolling, using my Compex and Body Buffing my legs as much as possible!

Monday; Off!

Tuesday; just couldn’t stay away! Caltech 30 miles with a 30 minute/8 mile warm up, so yeah 38 miles

Wednesday; West Vidette 20 miles. 45 minutes of aerobic Endurance riding ranging from 50-80% FTP. Additional 30 minutes easy spin

Thursday, Friday and Saturday; Off!

Sunday; joined Becca and rode a couple of local hilly loops. 30 miles. First ride since Wednesday as babying a pissy knee/quad and I have the Golden Gran Fondo in a week. Leg felt 80%. Rode a couple of the hills hard to see how it felt and grabbed a couple of personal KOMs for the day so happy with that. ISM saddle is working well and I can sit in the drops for mile after mile without issues! 


And that was it for the week. Very easy and big step back with only 90 miles, lots of focus on rehabbing my knee proactively as it’s not going to get better by itself!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Golden Gran Fondo (GGF) Week 6

Writing this in hindsight gives me the opportunity to facepalm myself. As noted last week my knee was getting pissy so instead of easing off what did I do…pile on the miles and made sure that they were all on the trainer! d’uh! Here is the week:

Monday; Black 18 miles. Endurance ranging from 50-80% FTP

Tuesday; Caltech 35 miles. 3 sets of 3x3-minute Attack & Recover intervals with very short, 1-minute recoveries between intervals & 4-minute recoveries between sets of A&R's.

Wednesday; Coliseum. 25 miles. 90 minutes of aerobic Endurance ranging from 50-80% FTP. Legs were a bit tired and right knee was a bit sore

Thursday; Cotter. 31 miles. Cotter consists of 6x9-minute sets of varied VO2max/Anaerobic bridging efforts ranging from 105-135% FTP. The bridging bursts range from 30 seconds to 2 minutes in duration with varied intervals at Sweet Spot/Threshold in between (90-100% FTP). Recoveries between sets of intervals vary by trading duration for intensity over the course of the workout.

Friday; off. Oh. Thank. You!

Saturday. Dana. Dana is a beefed up version of an old standard, Over-Unders, and consists of 5x9-minute intervals spent well above FTP for a minute at 120% FTP or slightly below it for 2 minutes at 95% FTP. Recoveries between intervals are 6 minutes long

Sunday; Black/ISLAGIATT/30 min free. 60 miles on the trainer! 60 min warm up with some technical issues and general futzing about with Zwift, after its third crash I gave up! Next 120 minutes @thesufferfest ISLAGIATT, felt strong throughout the whole ride Sensors dropped again during one section. 30 minutes/5 miles easy cool down at the end. 60 miles on a trainer = 75 on the road right!


Total for the week 201 miles so a tint increase in mileage. Knee is really not happy now and I am going to ease right off and see how I feel.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Golden Gran Fondo (GGF) Week 5

Another big week to finish up the month but a step back from the previous two weeks. With hindsight I got a bit carried away with the accumulating mileage and now my knee is pissed at me. It feels very similar to the issues I had back I February when I was piling on the running miles and with such a big jump in cycling I am sure it’s teetering on the edge of over use. With that said, here is the week:

Monday; off. Nailed it!

Tuesday; Triple Divide 28 miles. 3 sets of 3x3-minute VO2max repeats at 110-120% FTP with equal, 3-minute recoveries between intervals & 10-minute recoveries between sets of repeats. Standing climb in lowest gear for intervals. First try of ISM Adamo Attack saddle.

Wednesday; Black + 20 mins extra. 22 miles. Added extra to finish off Giro Stage on TV. Endurance ranging from 50-80% FTP

Thursday; West Vidette.  35 miles. 6x8-minute "hard start" intervals starting with 1 minute all the way up at 130% FTP followed immediately by 3 minutes at 97% FTP and concluded with 4 minute at 94% FTP. 5 minutes of recovery falls between each interval. Extra 5 mile warm up and 4 mile cool down.

Friday; quick road ride. 22 miles. Easy out. Fast loop around Underwood and pushed hard around the lake for a Crit lap. 100 miles on the ISM Attack 

Saturday; Mary Austin. 32 miles. 3 sets of 2x10-minute intervals consisting of 2-minute steps up from 95% to 100% to 105% FTP and then back down again. Rest between intervals is a brief 60 seconds while the recovery between the sets of stepping intervals is 5 minutes. Sensor drop out and then saved file restarted which is next 3 mile ride. Extra 3 mile warm up to start. Second Max effort per set was standing climbing.

Sunday; Road Ride. 56 miles. Three times round the same loop. Went for consistency overall with a goal of sub 3:30 56 miles. Pushed hard on some of the sprints and climbs and spent as much time as I could on the drops.

Total for the week 196 so a bit of a drop off vs the prior two weeks.

For the month I hit 826 miles on the bike by far my biggest month ever with just over 50 hours as well as the World Run at the beginning of the month for another 2 hours and 14 miles

Overall total 841.69 in 52:27:34