Monday, September 1, 2014

August Summary

Summer is drawing to a close, at least from a calendar point of view, there is no break in the weather around here although all things being equal we have had a pretty mild summer! Not surprisingly August became a run focused month with my training for Santa Clarita Marathon, starting on August 4. So the tally for the month went like this;

  • 24 workouts in 28:02:27 for 180.61 miles
  • Run 23 workouts 27:02:28, 161.99 miles…yes, there is no rounding up!
  • Bike 1 workout 59:59, 18.62 miles

Obviously a significant bump in run miles, my previous biggest month this year was 91 miles so I am getting close to doubling it…yeah about that 10% rule!

In terms of the terrain for the month it broke down as follows;

  • Road; 75.22 (46%)
  • Treadmill; 18.82 (12%)
  • Trail; 67.81 (42%)


Trail mileage in terms or a percentage was a less than I hoped for, I was really trying to stay above 50% . That being said I did have a great race at the Bulldog 25k. Week 1 was actually pre training plan which skews the numbers a bit but trail miles are trail miles!

September is really more of the same, three weeks of build and a step back week and the totals should be something similar to August.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

SCM Week 4 (Step Back)

This week was a step back. It’s pretty standard practice to build for 2 – 3 weeks and then step back to rest and capitalize on the gains. The fact that it coincided with the kids going back to school and my Birthday was also a bonus and having the extra time during the week was nice.

So this is how it shook out;

  • Monday. Off. With the Bulldog 25k on Saturday my Back to Back run was on Sunday
  • Tuesday. 5 miles. Ran this as a pyramid. I am enjoying throwing in some simple speedwork like this and getting my splits into the early 7s is very rewarding
  • Wednesday. 3 miles. Easy run on the Treadmill, I ran one of the built in runs. The first 15 minutes were uphill and the second 15 minutes downhill.
  • Thursday. 5.4 miles. Another Pyramid, this time I was a bit more accurate than Tuesday’s run with the coming down splits!
  • Friday. 3 miles. Easy run on the Treadmill
  • Saturday. Off!
  • Sunday. 14 miles. Knocked these out on the road as my next big race is actually a road marathon so getting some solid black-top miles is good for the legs. Also broke out a new pair of Kinvara 5s without any problems, my old ones had 240 miles on them, not bad seeing as I had predicted a life of 250 miles!
image image
Tuesday Thursday

So no Trail miles this week, the split between the Road and Treadmill was;

  • Road; 24.42 (78%)
  • Trail; 6.80 (22%)

image image

Back on the trails this week, I am hoping to get a chance to get out onto the Xterra Pt Mugu course which is 6 weeks away. This coming weekend’s long run is up to 16 so my mileage will be back in the early 40s.