Saturday, February 6, 2016

I am 8!


So that happened!

No fuss, no fanfare…a bit like real life then!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Pactimo 2016 Brand Ambassador Applications Opens

Pactimo opened up for applicatons into their 2106 Brand Ambassodors program for yesterday. I am delighted to say that I am on the roster again. I lived in their gear throughout 2015 on the roads, trails and the trainer. They handled everything I could throw at them and performed flawlessly. I  have written a few reviews on their kits, you can read them here.

Additionally they have recieved some great press coverage:
It’s a great Program and perks aside I have gotten to meet some great people during the year! If you are interested click on the image to go to the application page, and yes that is me on the cover!


It’s worth applying anyhoo for a thank you T-shirt!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tour of Sufferlandria Day 4 (Ride 7)

This was the last ride before coming back to complete the Tour next week post Rock Cobbler. Do As You’re Told or DAYT is an interval ride. It comprises two sets of 11 intervals each. The first set is matching intervals, with efforts matching recoveries. The second set features inverse intervals, with opposite efforts and recoveries.


I dialed it back down to 80% and went from there. No real problems with this one. Now with 164 miles on my legs this week I am on a two day taper to race day Sunday. I found this video online which cover’s Sunday’s event.

See you on the flip side!